About us

The Campbell is a family-friendly, community-driven hotel located in the heart of Campbelltown. Formerly known as the Courty, our newly refurbished venue provides casual dining at honest prices in a relaxed gastropub atmosphere.

At the heart of The Campbell lies our newly curated dining experience. Our gastropub atmosphere exudes relaxation and warmth, inviting guests to unwind and indulge in delectable fare.

Whether you’re joining us for a hearty breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a satisfying dinner, our menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences, making sure there’s something for everyone.

Where Family-Friendly Comfort Meets Community Spirit

Come and experience The Campbell’s unique blend of family-friendly charm, community spirit, and exceptional dining. We invite you to create lasting memories in our newly refurbished venue, where honest prices, a relaxed gastropub atmosphere, and a warm sense of belonging await you.